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On Windows machines, the "MAC address" is called "Physical Address."
Please follow the instructions below to find the physical address of your network card.

Go to Start --> Run

Enter "cmd" (without quotes) and click OK. You should see a black window like the one below, the command prompt:

Please type the following inside: "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) and press enter.

You will see a lot of text similar to the picture below. Please find the section called "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" and look for the line that says "Physical Address." Physical address should look something like the highlighted portion of the picture below. If you see several "Local Area Connections," the first one will likely be the one you need.

== Mac ==
On Macintosh machines, the "Mac Address" is called "Ethernet ID." Please follow the instructions below to find the Ethernet ID of your network card.

Click the apple in the top left corner and then click "System Preferences."
Once it opens, click "Network" icon to open the network section. Image:Sys_pref.png

Highlight the "Ethernet" section on the left and click "Advanced" button on the bottom of that window.

Click "Ethernet" tab on top.
Look for the line that says "Ethernet ID:" This is the address you need.

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