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To login to your desktop from off campus connections, you must use the UCSB VPN service first to connect to the UCSB network, then Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your computer.

Install and Configure VPN

Go to UCSB OIT's page to download and configure the VPN software. The installation instructions for Windows can be found here.

Enable Remote Desktop

Remote desktop must be enabled on your UCSB computer to allow incoming connections. Follow the instructions here to turn on Remote Desktop.

Note your local IP address to connect with later. This can be found by going to ME IP addresses will be in the form 128.111.*.* Write down this address to use later.

Connecting to Remote Desktop

From an off campus location, run the Cisco VPN software and connect using your UCSB NetID. Instructions for connecting with the VPN software can be found here.

Run Remote Desktop Connection. In XP this is under Start -->All Programs --> Accessories, it may be in the Communications folder. In Vista, type Remote Desktop in the start menu to find it.

Enter the IP address or hostname of your computer on the campus network and click connect.

Allow or accept any dialog boxes that appear.

You will then see your desktop login screen. Login as usual.

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