Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCSB
ME170C/ECE181C: Introduction to Robotics: Robot Control
Summer 2011

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The Art of Lego Design

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Summer 2011 Course Schedule & Assignments

Day / Date Topic / Activity

Week 1    
R 6/23 Demonstrate Bump and Avoid Robot
Hammerhead Code

Week 2
T 6/28 Demonstrate Motor and Encoder Test Platform
Encoder Test Code
F 7/1 Demonstrate Wall Following Robot

Week 3
T 7/5 Wall Following Robot Race
F 7/8 Demonstrate Line Following Robot

Week 4
T 7/12 Line Following Robot Race

Week 5
T 7/19 Solo Robo-Rat Competition

Week 6
R 7/28 Robo-Rat Final Competition
F 7/29 Competition Debriefing and Hardware Check-In

Week 7
M 8/1 Final Report Due at 11 PM