Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCSB
ME170C/ECE181C: Introduction to Robotics: Robot Control
Summer 2010

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Getting Started
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Arduino and Hardware
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Structure and Motion
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Sensor Wiring and Data Sheets

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Example Code

Read and Write Digital Pins (Digital_In_N_Out.pde)

Run a Motor Forward, Backward, and Stop It (MotorTest.pde)

Display Text on LCD (SimpleDisplay.pde)

Interrupt Driven Hammerhead Robot

Analog Test Example (Analog_Test_Example.pde)

Read and Display All Six Analog Pins (AnaPinRead.pde)

Count up in deciseconds from zero (SimpleTimer.pde)

Stopwatch and count-down timer with big custom digits (Timer.pde)

Demonstrates controlling a servo and doing so through a serial connection from a computer (SerialServo.pde)

Demonstrates reading beacon signals (Beacon_Sense.pde) (Overview Document)

Demonstrates reading beacon with master(I2C_Master_Beac1.pde) (Overview Document)

Demonstrates reading beacon through slave (I2C_Slave_Beac1.pde) (Overview Document)